• How to connect the worlds of content and commerce?

    Written by Mark Jochemsen - Vendors looking to increase customer loyalty and grow their revenues in 2015 are facing a number of key challenges.

  • Content is an investment in customer experience

    Now and again you run into a quote that ties things together.

  • Service: Web Content Management

    Effectively managing your content, and ensuring your message is consistent across multiple channels such as web, mobile, email and social media is crucial to e-business success.

  • Service: Content strategy

    Driving traffic to your website requires content that guides consumers through the entire journey of orientation, decision making and aftercare by creating meaningful interactive experiences.

  • Service: Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organisational processes.

  • Newz | Shared content platform

    Competitors working together to create a unified content platform

  • Content Matters Podcast on Semantic Technologies

    I am very happy and proud to be featured on this months Content Matters Podcast. Iain Griffin and I talk about Semantic Technologies. We discuss the general concepts and the use of these technologies in recent projects such as Newz and Kennisnet.

  • Big content challenges

    At Dayon (now HintTech Content Services), we are used to work with Big Data. Coming from a publisher’s background, we have provided content solutions to publishers since 1997. I read some stories about Big Content, and was intrigued that Gartner saw Big Content as the unstructured part of Big Data.

  • What is the cure for the content shock?

    Are we inundated with content? Sure! Just look at the amounts of online content produced / uploaded each day. More and more different channels are trying to reach us, through more and more types of content.

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