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HintTech is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, implementation and managed services related to content and marketing technology. Present in 5 countries with more than 200 employees, HintTech helps its clients connect, communicate and collaborate and stay ahead of their competitors. We believe in a new way to do business, and our customers are proving it every day.
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Managers in large organizations are facing an array of formidable challenges as their industries are fundamentally changing and their practices continue to become more and more complex. These changes are driven by several factors, including the rapidly evolving media, technology and competitive landscape and the complicated behaviors and demands of technologically empowered, globally connected customers

To build connected brands, be able to rapidly adapt marketing activities to changing buyer preferences and behaviors, and gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to take on a more holistic approach to online marketing and become more agile. It's no longer just what you do that counts, it's how you do it - and how quickly you can modify the way you work to take on new opportunities.

This requires a true alignment of marketing with business and IT, streamlined and automated processes and a unifying technology foundation for cross-functional, cross-channel customer experience and marketing operations management. We call this the Marketing Execution Platform.

Built on a secure, highly available, flexible and scalable architecture, this platform enables the development and execution of relevant, customized marketing programs on an ongoing and accelerated basis, and delivers a strongly improved marketing efficiency, productivity, compliance and - most importantly - ROI.

With our Marketing Execution Platform, companies can build the most successful brands of the coming decade. Our ambition is to become the global leader in this niche.


Marketing Execution Platform


In this new era of people - technology - brand interaction, we are on a mission to help companies build connected brands and highly effective, relevant and influential cross-channel experiences that set new standards in user experience, deepen brand engagement and streamline the customer journey

By working in partnership with leaders from some of the most ambitious, forward-looking companies with a global mindset, we help them gain control over their channels, processes and marketing supply chains. By optimizing their marketing operations and organization, we assist them to maintain focus on their core business and operations, achieve shorter times-to-market and become more profitable.

We deliver on that promise by bringing together a global team of talented people with a passion for technology, innovation and growth, working as one to create value for our clients (and their clients).

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