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HintTech Netherlands is looking for a senior tester who will become responsible for preparing, planning and performing structured test activities. System and user requirements, functional specifications, acceptance criteria and quality attributes are familiar to you.
You will support our projects and customers in the preparation and execution of test plans and scripts in close cooperation with the client, project manager, and developers.

Join our team as a senior tester and work for the top 500 in Europe!

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What you can expect from us

HintTech is an equal opportunity employer

HintTech is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Our culture

HintTech has a knowledge-intensive culture in which technical expertise and a relaxed working atmosphere form the essence

HintTech is a content and marketing technology company in every respect, where a great deal of attention is paid to developing expertises and general knowledge such as leadership and social skills.

To concentrate HintTechs' strengths, we work with centers of expertise entirely managed by HintTech specialists. This makes it easy for HintTech specialists to assist each other during projects and training courses. HintTech also organizes informal workshops and training sessions in which the HintTech staff can learn from each other's experiences while enjoying a pizza and a soft drink or a pint of beer.

Open culture

HintTech has an open culture. Because HintTech is a relatively flat organization, its employees are always able to find each other. The atmosphere is open and informal. To strengthen the HintTech feeling, all sorts of non work-related activities are organized in which people can participate voluntarily.


Besides the HintTech head office in Delft, The Netherlands, HintTech also has a local presence in the UK, Nordic, the USA and Serbia. The global offices work together as a team during projects and to share knowledge and experiences.

Together, the HintTech specialists are building a company in which they really enjoy working and which offers them sufficient scope for optimal self-development. HintTech employees are proud of their company.

Personal development

Every employee is required to complete a personal development plan, including elements like personal goals, preferences and aspirations, development direction and an action plan to facilitate individual growth

Our specialists have frequent contact with both software suppliers of commercial and open source applications and customers which develop packages further themselves

Their strong need for self-development is encouraged by various means such as in-house or external training, forums, study trips, and frequent contact with developers and architects of our software partners.

Competence centers

HintTech has various competence centers whose purpose is to share and further develop the knowledge and skills of our team

In collaboration with partners such as SDL Tridion, ADAM, Microsoft, Hippo and Sitecore, HintTech has set up competence centers which contribute to the development of our partners' products, by participating in pre-release projects.

Experience acquired during different projects and with different customers is shared efficiently with the right people among the software supplier's developers. The specialists from the competence centers meet once a month.

Our corporate values

HintTech has defined a number of corporate values. These values guide us when making choices, determine the context for the way in which we do business and are used to evaluate behaviour

Our values are: honesty, fun, respect, quality, reliability, accountability, transparency, and integrity.

These values apply to all our employees and each of them knows and understands what HintTech stands for.


The success of HintTech customers, employees, business partners and shareholders has a big impact on the success and growth of the HintTech company. That is why HintTech constantly works to develop mutually beneficial relationships in continuous dialogue with HintTech's environment and interest groups.

Respect for people

A company is as strong as the people who work for it. Even in a strongly technology-oriented company like HintTech, success is a matter of people work. That makes respect for people the cornerstone of our company. HintTech's training policy, HintTech's employees' involvement in policy, personal development plans and a competitive remuneration policy give our vision in this area concrete expression.

Good corporate citizenship

Long-lasting public support calls for responsible, accountable and controllable entrepreneurship. This is the context within which HintTech deals with technological innovation, the use of standards, safety and health at work, traditions and customs.

A great place to work

HintTech has been awarded with the Great Place to Work award for the 6th consecutive time in a row

The Great Place to Work Institute is an international and independent organization who, based on employee satisfaction surveys and a Culture Audit, assesses and audits organizations on their employee policy and how employees perceive the organization from that perspective. Lots of companies participate in this study but just a few companies receive the award based on outstanding performance.

In the 2012 audit HintTech was especially recognized for the way it implemented all kinds of people related programmes like the 'welcome home' introduction programme. This programme facilitates employees in getting acquainted with the HintTech organization in an informal and appealing way. Furthermore the 'People Initiative' programme was started. In this change management programme, employees create and implement all kinds of people related initiatives to further improve employee satisfaction. Since employees are made responsible for creating these improvements it really helps to involve people in company policy and therefore creates a sense of adding value to the company.

HintTech, a great place to work

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