Our approach is realistic, cost efficient, practical and results oriented. Projects are carried out to achieve your business goals, which we keep in mind throughout the whole process of working with you. HintTech uses trusted methods such as Agile (Scrum/DSDM), RUP, Prince2, IPMA and TMap. This enables us to deploy the right specialists and methods according to your needs and the required solution.

Work with us

Processes, methods and standards

HintTech uses trusted methods such as Agile (Scrum/DSDM), RUP, Prince2, IPMA and TMap

This enables us to deploy the right specialists and methods according to the customer's needs and the required solution. After the delivery of the project, we are a reliable source of information regarding all questions arising from using the software.


Standard software packages are not always suitable for every company. IT solutions must match the customer's wishes and requirements, not vice versa

Because of this, HintTech chooses techniques and methods such as RUP, AGILE-SCRUM, RAD en LAD, which make that possible.

By breaking down complex systems into logical components, we make them surveyable. This offers direct advantages during the development stage, but also in the longer term. Components are suitable for reuse in new projects and can be replaced if changes in business management require this. As a result, software applications become more manageable.

HintTech offers you the option of adapting a standard application to satisfy your organization's wishes and requirements. HintTech develops its custom applications on the basis of Java/J2EE or Microsoft .NET architecture. Both are flexible, stable and widely deployable in virtually all IT environments. Over the years, our Java/J2EE and .NET Expertise Teams have amassed a wealth of experience in the design and development of complex IT systems,integration with existing applications and middleware applications. HintTech does this in a structured way, by means of thorough analysis and functional planning.

Project management

Our project managers have extensive experience in managing IT projects and use proven methods to meet your business requirements and deliver on time and within budget

We agree on factors such as budget, methodology, corporate wide support and time-frame. The agreed upon aspects of the project are documented and signed-off by the client. If required we can include quality control and testing as part of the project.

Besides experienced project managers, HintTech also employs quality control managers, delivery managers, testers and architects. We have knowledge groups for each competency in which current market developments are monitored and discussed. Each competency group is headed by a senior colleague who has earned his/her spurs in that specific discipline. He or she shares his/her enthusiasm for the subject with colleagues, with priority being given to the acquisition of new knowledge and sharing of experiences and issues.

Testing & quality control

Quality control is involved in all our projects

The checks and tests are executed by the quality control managers are there to ensure an even higher quality of HintTech projects and products and a clear understanding of that quality. All our software development and management activities are structurally tested. These structured tests are based on a number of core principles. One of the methods wherein these principles are present is TMap (Test Management Approach). The HDC uses TMap, which is the most used international standard for testing.

Application management

HintTech distinguishes itself by providing an unique total package for application management

Application Service Library (ASL)

HintTech uses ASL2, a framework specifically designed for application management. ASL works closely with ITIL, the framework for infrastructure management and fits perfectly with BISL, the functional management framework. HintTech carries out processes such as incident management, change management and service level management with ASL.

ISO 9001:2008 certification

HintTech has received an ISO 9001:2008 certification for the way in which it fulfils the expectations of its clients and customers and forms tangible evidence in regard to our consistent delivery of quality

ISO 9001:2008Open and clear communication is indispensable before and during projects, to keep the wishes of our clients in focus and pre-empt unrealistic expectations from both parties. We work together closely with our clients and let the people who will use the application participate and build in structural control and evaluation mechanisms. This last process makes sure that our clients have insight into the progress of the project at any moment.

Virtual Project Office

We work in a 'virtual project office' where dedicated personnel, irrespective of time and place, work on client projects, whether in the office, at home or at the client premises

Our principles include cooperation, clarity and in taking pleasure in our work. To guarantee efficiency and quality, we furthermore use innovative collaboration tools and agile methods tailored to the technology. We call this Virtual Project Office the HintTech Development Centre (HDC).

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