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SDL Tridion enables organizations to deliver a consistent branded message across multiple channels in different languages and to truly engage with customers, partners and employees.

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SDL Tridion

Engage your customers anywhere, anytime, any channel

Globally operating organizations face the challenge to communicate with their customers across many different cultures and languages. Managing the engagement experience of a highly diversified customer base requires a flexible, powerful and stable platform to execute your marketing strategies on.

SDL Tridion forms the foundation of such a platform by empowering business users to leverage their content across channels, regions and languages while maintaining brand consistency and reducing total operating cost and time to market through its patented BluePrinting technology and its simple and inexpensive infrastructure.

SDL Tridion supports many extension modules or integrations with 3rd party applications to achieve a (marketing execution) platform to manage all aspects of the customer engagement experience.


SDL Tridion

A future-proof delivery architecture

SDL Tridion content delivery architecture enables organizations to develop truly dynamic websites. By strictly separating content management from content delivery, it ensures full compliance with enterprise security requirements and scaling options to meet both present and future needs. Dynamic content delivery based on content, queries and visitor profiles let you balance your static and dynamic content for any channel.

Profiling, personalization and targeting

With SDL Tridion, you know where your visitors come from — Google, Facebook, Twitter, your search marketing campaigns or affiliate websites — so you can target and optimize your landing pages. It also uses the search terms from search result referrals, so you don’t need to secondguess what your visitors are looking for. Its sophisticated predictive targeting engine delivers relevant results to make your websites a unique and personal experience.

Multi-channel experience

SDL Tridion enables your entire cross-channel customer engagement strategy, integrating web, email, print, mobile and social. Create once, publish many times, ensuring consistency across channels while taking full advantage of the unique capabilities of each channel. Full mobile preview capabilities and integrated device detection ensure an optimal visitor experience on all mobile channels. In addition, just as you publish to your website, you deliver your message to your most important social channels from the same interface.

Rich media experiences

Full access to a centralized corporate multimedia repository ensures you optimize your use of these media assets including video, images and audio. This gives your entire organization the opportunity to enhance the customer experience on any site, mobile device or social media platform.

HintTech, SDL Tridion experts

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SDL Tridion

As one of the world's most innovative providers of consulting, implementation and managed services related to content and marketing technology, HintTech has extensive experience with SDL Tridion. We are an official partner of SDL and employ the largest number of certified Tridion consultants worldwide.

Our multidisciplinary team of consultants, UX designers, developers, testers and project managers use proven methods and best practices to design, develop and maintain useful, relevant and engaging digital experiences using SDL Tridion. Bringing a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other sectors, we offer you fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Our mission is to help you set new standards of excellence in your industry, not follow the pack with off-the-shelf solutions.

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Web and software development projects and the involved business processes are complex. The technology behind systems and processes changes constantly. Alignment and integration of current and new systems require knowledge, expertise and vision.

With our 15+ years of experience with the design, development, implementation and management of web applications and sites, HintTech is a solid partner for your content and marketing technology projects. Whatever your needs, whether it be a custom solution, a front-back office integration, a CMS implementation or system integration, HintTech will provide you with a custom project solution based on the experience of our 200+ developers, project managers, testers, architects and consultants. Our full-service project offering provides you with a suitable lead time, budget and added value for your organization.

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HintTech uses a realistic, cost efficient, practical and results oriented approach to make sure our projects achieve your business goals.

We operate under a variety of contract forms, are ISO 9001:2008 certified and use trusted methods such as Agile (Scrum/DSDM), RUP, Prince2, IPMA and TMap. This enables us to deploy the right specialists and methods according to your needs and the required solution.

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