One integrated interface, limitless potential. Engage in 1-to-1 conversations with individual customers, across any channel, and move the conversation forward for measurable business results.

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Enterprise content management & customer engagement platform

As modern marketers are looking for new ways to engage with their customers, HintTech provides the knowledge to use Sitecore to reach this new level of engagement. Sitecore's engagement platform is able to combine and enrich data received from multiple channels such as popular social networks, visitor behavior and email campaigns.

The key to the success of any organization is knowing what works and what doesn't to improve your bottom line. With your web, email, social, mobile and other channels operating in siloes, how can you measure them against each other and implement cohesive marketing strategies?

Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform

Sitecore's Customer Engagement Platform provides an elegant, integrated solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and engagement analytics, with external tools and databases. In addition, Sitecore scales to unprecedented levels of content storage and retrieval, so marketing can access and manage massive amounts of content (both in-house and customer generated) for more advanced targeting and engagement.

Combining the rock-solid stability and flexibility of Sitecore's enterprise-class .NET Web Content Management System with powerful tools designed for marketers, the Customer Engagement Platform offers:

Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform

Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform

Sitecore E-Commerce Services

Deliver an Exceptional Shopping Experience. Attract new visitors to your site, optimize your conversion rates, and keep those customers coming back for more.

Sitecore E-Commerce Services consist of a large set of basic e-commerce features that enable you to build and manage complex, efficient, high performance e-commerce solutions. The application provides the basic infrastructure necessary to build successful e-commerce sites using Sitecore CMS. It leverages the power of the Digital Marketing System allowing you to track and segment visitors to your site. You can also maximize their user experience by targeting content based on visitor behavior and purchases, as well as optimizing the web site goal conversion rate. The Sitecore E-Commerce Services contain an open and flexible API that allows you to extend, replace, as well as integrate features and data in your e-commerce solution.

Sitecore E-Commerce Services

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HintTech, Sitecore experts

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As one of the world's most innovative providers of consulting, implementation and managed services related to content and marketing technology, HintTech has extensive experience with Sitecore and is a certified solution partner.

Our multidisciplinary team of consultants, UX designers, developers, testers and project managers use proven methods and best practices to design, develop and maintain useful, relevant and engaging digital experiences using Sitecore. Bringing a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other sectors, we offer you fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. Our mission is to help you set new standards of excellence in your industry, not follow the pack with off-the-shelf solutions.

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Web and software development projects and the involved business processes are complex. The technology behind systems and processes changes constantly. Alignment and integration of current and new systems require knowledge, expertise and vision.

With our 15+ years of experience with the design, development, implementation and management of web applications and sites, HintTech is a solid partner for your content and marketing technology projects. Whatever your needs, whether it be a custom solution, a front-back office integration, a CMS implementation or system integration, HintTech will provide you with a custom project solution based on the experience of our 200+ developers, project managers, testers, architects and consultants. Our full-service project offering provides you with a suitable lead time, budget and added value for your organization.

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HintTech uses a realistic, cost efficient, practical and results oriented approach to make sure our projects achieve your business goals.

We operate under a variety of contract forms, are ISO 9001:2008 certified and use trusted methods such as Agile (Scrum/DSDM), RUP, Prince2, IPMA and TMap. This enables us to deploy the right specialists and methods according to your needs and the required solution.

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