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We empower our clients to transform their content into consistent, customized and relevant cross-channel experiences ('CX') that engage their audiences anyplace - anytime - anywhere on an ongoing basis.

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Content & CX Engineering

Maximize the value of your content and effectively connect, communicate and collaborate with your audiences

Content, or more precisely the way we think about content, is the primary challenge of almost every organization

This is what we see happening:

To be able meet these challenges and thus to maximize the value of your content you need to combine content engineering skills with user experience insights. Content Engineering helps you get the most out of your content. We know everything about search technology, meta data, big data management, semantic search and other content engineering topics. User experience is ultimately about how users interact with content through websites and apps. We can help you design a clear, consistent and context aware user interface that gives the user what they really need.

This all starts with a well-defined content strategy, answering the question: 'what do our customers need and how can we provide them with relevant content to help them make the right choice or decision?' We can help you develop a content strategy to realize your business goals using the information and content your organization possesses in one form or another – perhaps without even being aware of it. If you carefully plan, develop, enrich and manage your content, you will be able to answer your customers' questions timely, consistently and completely.

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Realistic, cost efficient, practical and results oriented

ISO 9001:2008 certified

ISO 9001:2008HintTech has received an ISO 9001:2008 certification for the way in which it fulfils the expectations of its clients and customers and forms tangible evidence in regard to our consistent delivery of quality. Open and clear communication is indispensable before and during projects, to keep the wishes of our clients in focus and pre-empt unrealistic expectations from both parties. We work together closely with our clients and let the people who will use the application participate and build in structural control and evaluation mechanisms. This last process makes sure that our clients have insight into the progress of the project at any moment.

Virtual Project Office

We work in a 'virtual project office' where dedicated personnel, irrespective of time and place, work on client projects, whether in the office, at home or at the client premises. Our principles include cooperation, clarity and in taking pleasure in our work. To guarantee efficiency and quality, we furthermore use innovative collaboration tools and agile methods tailored to the technology. We call this Virtual Project Office the HintTech Development Centre (HDC).

Testing & quality control

Quality control is involved in all our projects. The checks and tests are executed by the quality control managers are there to ensure an even higher quality of HintTech projects and products and a clear understanding of that quality. All our software development and management activities are structurally tested. These structured tests are based on a number of core principles. One of the methods wherein these principles are present is TMap (Test Management Approach). The HDC uses TMap, which is the most used international standard for testing.

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