Brand & Digital Asset Management

Brand & Digital Asset Management is all about ingesting, managing, and transforming large volumes of digital content like graphics and documents in powerful and sophisticated ways.

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Brand & Digital Asset Management

From centralizing your digital assets to an integrated business platform

Brand & Digital Asset Management at its core is all about centralization and control. In its most basic form, it creates a single version of the truth that can be accessed through multiple points of entry. One repository where all digital assets, from image files, documents, videos, content, component data, and associated metadata are stored

Introducing business process management and integration unleashes the full value of digital asset management. This allows users from inside their own comfort environment, be that a web portal, third party application such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, SharePoint or other publishing system, to interact and engage with this content and each other in a way that is unique to their roles and the businesses requirements.

HintTech consults, designs, deploys, integrates and supports Brand & Digital Asset Management solutions from simple deployments in a hosted environment, to global multi-language solutions that can integrate with legacy, web or mobile systems for the complete control and distibution of content. We are the people to contact whether you need advice on the first steps on your content management journey, or taking advanced steps to an integrated business platform.

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