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Social media and collaboration form an ideal set of tools to strengthen the relationship with your customers and employees.

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Social Media, Community & Self-service

Build long term customer relationships and increase employee effectiveness

For HintTech, the most optimal approach in implementing social media and social collaboration tools involves a consideration of goals towards both external and internal audience groups.

Being social means creating a long lasting relationship with these groups using media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogs and Google+. Naming just a few of todays biggest contenders. A social media strategy involves having presence and involvement in these media, sharing information, establishing two-way communication and building a community. Hinttech helps organizations create and implement these strategies and manage the content streams to and within these media.

Social media also enables organizations to move their audience into self service models. This decreases current cost base and and extends brand and product loyalty. For employees, social collaboration enhances their productivity by sharing information, ideas and status updates.

Social content management is a combination of enterprise content management and social collaboration tools. Our expertise in this area is extended in partnering with Badgeville, which enables social gaming to measure and influence behavior. Using advanced gamification techniques, such as levels, missions, and tracks, Badgeville clients experience 20% to more than 200% increases in the realization of their key business objectives.

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