Web Content & Experience Management

It is important to manage your content and making sure your message is consistent over multiple channels like web, mobile, email campaigns and the powerful channels of social media to support your e-business. Being able to create and maintain content that is channel agnostic requires a good content management system and well defined procedures.

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Web Content & Experience Management

Get your message to your audience and manage the experience of your brand

It is important to manage your content and making sure your message is consistent over multiple channels like web, mobile, email and social media to support your e-business.

Web content management systems (WCM) have been designed to help organizations create and publish web content and manage websites. Although there are almost as many definitions of a WCM as there are vendors and analysts, the solution you need is likely to be as unique as your business. This solution allows you to manage your content with the same rigor as you manage your data, encapsulated into business rules and editorial processes and supportive of your business objectives.

But the WCM market is in transition driven by factors such as pervasive web access, increased customer expectations, the emergence of new channels, and the commoditization of functionality to enable publishing to the Web. Growth is based on customer experience management (CXM) needs, including multichannel delivery, content targeting, analytics, and integration with other CXM technologies. A new type of online CXM solution set is emerging from the components of multiple technologies - including WCM - in order to better support the creation and management of rich, interactive, multichannel experiences.

According to Forrester, CXM can be defined as 'a set of solutions which enable the management and delivery of dynamic, targeted, consistent content, offers, products, and service interactions across digitally enabled consumer touchpoints.' Previously, organizations, processes, and technologies to serve the online channels were siloed, resulting in overhead, inconsistent experiences, and inability to measure results. However, as online initiatives have evolved and matured, so have product offerings to support those initiatives. Based on the key components such as process, delivery, and measurement, online CXM systems allow your organization to create experiences, deliver these to customers and measure their success.

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